Where are We?

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We report our position frequently as we travel so you can always know where we are located.  We transmit this information via our HAM radio, using our computer, GPS and email software.  The following links display a map(s) with various viewing options, our position (latitude and longitude), and a brief comment; some show our track over time (position history). 

Position Report shows basic information, although their location description is rather misleading; read on for our  location description.
Other position reporting viewing options:
Shiptrak shows each position reported and log entries for a selected period (began 5/2005).  You must type in our HAM call sign KD5PDX then click VIEW.  Good overview.
Yotreps shows our position and track (began 5/2005); however, much is missing due to a glitch.
Winlink Type KD5PDX in the box at bottom of map.

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